NEWS RELEASE: 31 March 2015

Enjoy a better shower with softer water when you’re touring with the world’s first softwter technology showerhead from Ecocamel.

  • Stylish new Orbit SoftWater shower head can quickly and easily be fitted to any caravan or motorhome (or at home) to provide softer water for showering – wherever you are
  • New Ecocamel SoftWater Technology makes it the world’s first shower head with an integral water softener – perfect for caravans and motorhomes – or at home
  • Doesn’t use any chemicals or salts, with no filters to change, so maintenance free
  • Softer water leaves skin and hair (and you) feeling better, leaves less water marks in the shower or scale on showerhead, and you won’t need to use as much soap, gel or shampoo
  • All Ecocamel shower heads use its AirCore Technology to create better, more powerful showers, yet also use less water, so are more eco-friendly and energy efficient
  • Independent tests show a Ecocamel shower heads offer average water savings of 40%
  • The new Orbit SoftWater shower head is available for £69.95 with free delivery and free hose (worth £10) and non-slip shower mat (worth £12.95) using special offer code CPR1


To give you a better, more powerful shower with the benefit of softer water while you’re touring, Ecocamel, the manufacturer of the water and energy efficient shower heads now fitted to many new caravans and motorhomes, has introduced the world’s first shower head with an integral water softener – the stylish, halo-shaped, new Orbit SoftWater – which can easily be fitted to any existing shower hose in your touring vehicle, and at home as well.


Softer water has the advantage of not leaving scale on the shower head or stubborn water marks and a scaly film on the shower walls or door, while soaps and shampoos create more lather (so you don’t need to use as much) and wash off more effectively, leaving skin and hair feeling softer – and you more refreshed.


The new shower head uses Ecocamel’s new SoftWater Technology to force the water through a special unit which makes the water softer and kinder to your skin by changing ‘hard’ minerals into inactive particles and reducing the surface tension of the water.


Better still, this softening process doesn’t use chemicals, salts, or any filters so is maintenance free, and changing the existing shower head in any caravan, motorhome, boat or at home is easy – simply unscrew the existing unit and swop it with the new Ecocamel Orbit SoftWater unit.


“Water can vary quite a lot around the UK and Europe, so our new Orbit SoftWater shower head is a perfect way to guarantee better, softer water for your shower wherever you go in your caravan or motorhome,” said Guy Cinnamon from Ecocamel.


“The water-saving efficiency of our shower heads has already made them a very popular in new caravans and motorhomes, but now everyone can upgrade their shower to the new Orbit SoftWater model – in their leisure vehicle and at home,” he continued.


Like all its shower heads, the new Orbit SoftWater model uses Ecocamel’s AirCore Technology to force air into the water stream to cause turbulence which then increases the water pressure and has been proven in independent laboratory tests to use an average of 40 per cent less water than conventional shower heads.


This means that an Ecocamel shower head is not only more efficient and eco-friendly, but will also preserve your caravan or motorhome’s limited water reserves, so you’re less likely to run-out before you’ve finished – or just relax and enjoy a better, longer, more powerful shower.


The Ecocamel Orbit SoftWater shower head is available for £69.95 with free postage, and by using the offer code CPR1 is available with a free replacement hose (worth £10) and a non-slip shower mat (worth £12.95). To order, or to receive the latest news and offers from Ecocamel, go to, email [email protected] or call 0208 211 3666.


More details of the full range of Ecocamel shower heads and associated products are available from its website ( and its social media channels – Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Linked In.


Notes to editors:

  • The Ecocamel SoftWater Technology uses a unique combination of metals plus the principle of turbulence, to force the water flow through the SoftWater unit where an electro-chemical catalytic reaction occurs. The result is that previously ‘hard’ minerals are changed from being large molecules into inactive, microscopic mineral particles. The electrical charge of the minerals is lowered which reduces the surface tension of the water and makes it softer.
  • In independent laboratory tests, an Ecocamel shower head used between 4.0 and 6.8 litres per minute with between 0.5 and 5.0 Bar of water pressure compared to between 9.6 and 65.2 litres per minute used by the other rival shower heads in the same tests.
  • For media enquiries, or the possibility to sample an Ecocamel Orbit SoftWater shower head, please contact John at Rawlings Communications Limited:07847 371436; [email protected]; @johnrawlings

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