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2020 (caravan) vision – but will it be your best year yet?

2020 (caravan) vision – but will it be your best year yet?
The Caravan Salon Dusseldorf set new records for number of visitors in 2019

It’s a busy period for the caravan industry. New 2020 models have been revealed, the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf has achieved record attendance (again), the trade and public have been to The Lawns Caravan Extravaganza in Cottingham for the last time, and now it’s only a few weeks until October’s NEC show. Busy, busy, busy… with lots of new caravans and motorhomes to sell to keep the industry in a healthy state.

After a more challenging year for sales in 2019, everyone needs things to pick-up again for 2020. But will the latest crop of new models be enough to attract people’s cash? Will Brexit finally happen to give consumers more confidence to spend? And, will there be new buyers brought in to the market?

I’m wondering how manufacturers and retailers are going to generate more enquiries to make 2020 a great success. Will doing the same advertising and marketing campaigns be enough?

It feels like everyone is trying to offer the best deal or lowest price. Some websites just seem to be competing on price, not wanting to miss a deal, which is understandable; however, it can make them all feel a bit ‘samey’, rather than trying to stand out, or making an effort to differentiate themselves from the rest with interesting, fresh content and/or blogs (good for SEO) to engage and inform consumers.

social media needs planning

Most manufacturers and retailers have now embraced all the latest marketing/social channels, but it still feels like early days for some. We all know it can be time consuming to do (properly), but with planning, strategy and engagement social media is powerful – or is it an afterthought, given to a younger member of the team who ‘does’ social media? I hope not!

Using PR to generate media coverage and online content

And what about PR? Generating editorial coverage that can be found in online searches is more important than ever; and a great way to try to reach the new customers of the future.

So, we may not have a perfect 20/20 vision of the year ahead, but I think we can all see that there’s work to be done.