Industry Insights: The issues currently facing campsite owners, with Jackie Spencer, Elm Cottage touring Park

#15 Insight to the campsite sector: How are campsite owners coping with current issues: rising costs of utilities, electric vehicle charging, rising electricity consumption by customers, and more…?

Some people dream of owning their own campsite. Jackie Spencer and her husband took the plunge and bought a campsite in Cheshire but like any business owner, they’ve had some challenges to cope with along the way.

Listen to this episode to see if they are ‘living the dream’ (or not) and how they are managing the current issues of rising costs and electricity usage.

Topics discussed

  1. A change of lifestyle
  2. Buying a campsite
  3. Unexpected challenges of owning a campsite
  4. Listening to customer
  5. Marketing (outsourcing)
  6. Increasing use of electricity
  7. Electric car charging on site
  8. Satisfying customers
  9. Diversifying
  10. Will their campsite survive?
  11. The joys of owning a campsite
  12. Future plans



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